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Basic information on C.V. Åkerlund Foundation

Are you looking for funding for your research, work or studies in the field of media?

C. V. Åkerlund Foundation actively supports the development of expertise and education in the field of media. Its fundamental mission is to fund master’s theses, study trips, courses and research projects.

The foundation disburses hundreds of thousands of euros as grants and scholarships annually. All the professionals, students, scholars, corporations and societies of the multi-channel media can apply for a grant. The roots of the foundation are in Tampere but the grants are disbursed nationwide.

During the application period in March grants can be applied via the web page of the foundation.

Examples of given grants

  • Dissertations
  • Master’s theses
  • Vocational degrees
  • Professorships
  • Research projects
  • Allocated professional education projects
  • Scholarships
  • Study trips and language courses

Grants are not disbursed for the purchase of equipment or software.

The board in 2018

Chairman, CEO Erkki Solja
Vice chairman, emeritus chancellor Jarl-Thure Eriksson
Director Matti Apunen
Master of laws Ilmari Dunder
Master of laws Matti Häkkinen
CEO Marjaana Toiminen
M.Sc. Mikko Toikkonen
Partner Tanu-Matti Tuominen
Managing director, CEO Paulina Ahokas

The executive director of the foundation is Juha Ruotsalainen.


Contact information

C. V. Åkerlund Foundation
c/o Borenius Attorneys Ltd
Kuninkaankatu 26 B
33200 Tampere

Sofia Stark
Tel. +358 3 214 9111

Juha Ruotsalainen
Tel. 050 515 1440